Wine and White

"Mack Floyd Jr. Scholarship"

Hi everyone! My name is Daniele Dixon, grand daughter of Mr. Mack Floyd, Jr. On behalf of my family, and everyone affiliated with the “Live the Dream Network”, we would like to give you a very special welcome to our event here tonight.

We have all come together today for an occasion that was especially near and dear to my grandfather’s heart. Anyone who knows Mr. Mack knew that to him…education was by far one of the most important aspects of life. In the words of the legendary Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Mr. Mack spent his entire life immersed in the gifts of education until he left us on January 15, 2016.  His educational accomplishments included a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering from California State University – Fullerton, and Engineering Mathematics from West Coast University School of Engineering. He also took many classes in various different trades ranging from real estate, auto mechanics, air conditioning and refrigerating and even scuba diving.  

Being that he was a lifelong student and such a strong believer in education, the Live the Dream Network has established “The Mack Floyd Jr. Scholarship” which will be awarded annually beginning this month. This scholarship is extremely unique in a lot of aspects. As you all know, there are millions of scholarships out there to help fund students with amazing scholastic achievements. However, this scholarship is open to any and all students. Whether that is an average student who can use some motivation to succeed along their educational journey, someone who needs help paying for books, or someone interested in going to a trade school to become a cosmetologist or fireman, this scholarship is designed for absolutely anyone who needs a helping hand. As we all know, life is full of many obstacles and curve balls. The Mack Floyd Jr. Scholarship wants to be the stepping stone for someone’s potential greatness.  

Thank you all so much for being here. We hope you all drink lots of wine, and have an amazing time. Most importantly, we hope you all help support something that is so special to my grandfather.


Thank you

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