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President’s Message

"The ultimate measure of a man or a woman is not where he or she stands in a moment of comfort or convenience, but where we stand in times of challenge or controversy."

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked the question, “Where do we go from here?’  To answer this question we must first clearly determine where our society is headed now? It is clear we are in a world filled with incessant turmoil, countless, senseless acts of violence and murder (more and more occurring by and towards our youth), and with so many of our young men and women in far off places standing in harm’s way.   Furthermore, there is the threat of nuclear dissension, cyber bullying via social media outlets, and divisive politics.  The recent Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook Massacre were unconscionable.

In just six short years, the mission of “Live the Dream Network, Inc.” has changed from Peace, Justice and Equality for all Humankind to having to  develop programs to save our youth by creating programs centered on STEM {Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics}, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Gangs. Why??  Because now we are a society with questionable ethics in a dysfunctional world on the brink of self destruction and loss of direction that needs to re-focus our youth's attention on values and principles that will profoundly impact the present to create a brighter future for all.

The dark clouds that loom overhead must dissipate and be replaced with promises of rainbows, sunshine, and a pot of gold for today's youth.  They must have the opportunities to make a difference in their own, respective lives and in this world as they excel in the ideals of family, religion, morality, culture traditions and one’s history.  These are the key principles by which our society must value, mentor, and support our youth.  These ideals along with nonviolence, freedom, justice, equality, respect, and compassion for one’s neighbor need to be re-established and reinforced by all Humankind.

“So where lies the answer?” The answer is in our youth, for they are the Doctors, Lawyers, Career Professionals, Visionaries, and Leaders of Tomorrow.   Therefore, they will determine the fate of our future. We must exercise every effort to encourage them to embrace Civic Responsibility, Community and Social Involvement, Cultural Awareness and Educational Enrichment programs.

Even though the present education system is failing a large number of today’s youth, we must find adequate solutions to encourage our youth to embrace the educational system and seek the opportunities that they can be afforded by having a proper education or training. Today’s youth will be afforded many avenues to succeed in tomorrow's society, if they accept the challenge of seeking a proper education.  Opportunities are abound such as higher learning by attending a two year JC college, a four year institution of higher learning, or opting for Vocational or Technical Training.   Hence, here are multiple of available options to be properly educated for the future and be of the community, by the community, and for the community.

It is truly a “Time for a Change” as every day the news media presents continual traumatic and disturbing news which influences the minds of our youthful general populace. Our youth must not be discouraged by these events.  Instead, they must be encouraged to believe they can make a difference for they will be the Inventors of Change with the accomplishments that will be made by their generation. The growth of our society will be their responsibility, as it was with the multiple generations that proceeded before them.

A “Revolution of Change” will occur as our youth assume their rightful place in society, however they must not forget the past history of our nation and they must embrace their cultural heritage history and traditions.

“The knowledge of one’s past will allow one to see their future more clearly.”

Lavell F. Pennington, Jr.,

​President, Live the Dream Network, Inc.

Receiptant, Ambassador of Peace

​Mrs. Shelley Chaney Floyd, Jr.

​CFO, Live the Dream Network, Inc.

​Receiptant, Ambassador of Peace